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Reliability you can depend on.


Texecom understand that reliability underpins the fundamental trust in an intrusion alarm system and has developed the Capture range to be our most reliable, most resilient, most robust and most trustworthy range of motion detectors, to date.


Built to withstand the harshest environments

Advanced electronic motion sensors are highly sensitive devices. Most causes of false activations are environmental factors that interfere with the sensitive electronics contained within.


Capture is different. Every Capture model features a front-loaded encapsulated electronic module, shielding the sensitive electronics from multiple causes of damage and false alarm sources:​

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Built to withstand
Static immunity


Prevents touching the PCB module on installation and inadvertently causing static damage to the sensitive electronics. 

Reliability features_Wireless.png
Shaken, but not stirred


Shields from vibrations and heat sources, other common causes of false activations. 

Reliability features2.png
Dust & insect proof


Sealed electronics prevents dust and insects from entering the sensor optics, eliminating potential false alarms. 

Capture Wall_No lens.png
Correctly configured


Detector selection switches are clearly marked, reducing opportunity for incorrect settings being applied.

Reliability features_Q20.png
Always covered*

Long range and curtain lens options can be swapped without disassembling or exposing the encapsulated electronics module.

Reliability features.png

*Patent pending


Dynamic false alarm avoidance

All Capture motion sensors intelligently analyse the environment to determine genuine intrusion situations, while actively rejecting electrical noise and other potential false alarm sources. With advanced digital signal processing across the range, Capture models feature an array of advanced detection algorithms to ensure reliability without compromising on detection performance:

Capture chasis_Blue angle.png
Dynamic false alarm
Digital Temperature Compensation


Automatically adjusts the detector’s sensitivity based on room temperature for optimum PIR performance. 

lensArtboard 1 copy.png
Selectable Sensitivity


The sensitivity of the detector can be adjusted to match the installation environment providing better detection accuracy and consequently better false alarm immunity.

lensArtboard 1 copy 4.png
Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment

Filters out background disturbances by automatically adjusting the detector’s sensitivity according to its environment.

lensArtboard 1 copy 3.png
Active White Light Rejection


Measures light levels in the room and actively rejects any sources of white light (e.g. car headlights, direct sunlight). 

lensArtboard 1.png


Eliminates false alarms caused by sudden shocks to the detector triggering electrical signals. 

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Lifetime warranty

Each Capture model comes with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials, manufacture and performance.

Texecom has invested in state-of-the-art electronic manufacturing, assembly and testing equipment specifically for the Capture range, and all Capture devices are designed and manufactured at Texecom’s UK production facilities in the North West of England. 

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